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Urine Analyzer BC400 11 Parameters


Accessories : Paper, Test Trips

BC400 Urine Analyzer is a high—precision, intellectual instrument which is researched and developed basing on modern optics, electronics, computer science and other advanced technologies for clinical inspection of urine. And it integrates the advantages of easy and quick operation, exact result and good repeatability.

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Urine Analyzer BC400 11 Parameters

Urine Analyzer BC400 11 Parameters


• High—luminance and white LED, features in long life and good stability.
• Big LCD to display aboundant contents, and Chinese and English interface are op—
• User—friendly interface to achieve man—machine conversation.
• International unit, conventional unit and symbol system are optional.
• Three modes (One—Step testing, Slowly—Series testing and Quickly—Series testing)
are optional, which is convenient for different users.
• Monitoring the whole testing process, auto—character and audible—control prompt.
• Compatible with 8, 10 and 11 items of testing paper.
• Free choice to testing paper type produced by different factories.
• Standard RS-232 and USB interface

Bulk 3 ply reusable x 2000 boxes
non degradable materials
black gift box

black gift box

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300mm x 300mm x 210mm
3ml Syringe luer Lock Latex Free
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muliapack bubble wrap

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reusable face masks

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