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KX5600V Vet Ultrasound Machine


Veterinary Ultrasound KX5600 Vet offers the newest technology from Kaixin. Portable with good image quality, and low veterinary ultrasound cost make this a great deal.


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KX5600V Vet Ultrasound Machine

KX5600V Vet Ultrasound Machine features:

  • Storage: convenient and practical one key storage functions. meets your need for quick operartions
  • Browse: convenient and also practical image browsing function. meets your needs for browsing.
  • Print:gently click print button then you can print the frozen image you want
  • One key to transfer the currently frozen image to the network station forms a complete graphic report. makes up the defect of the specified operating system and printer


KX5600v with 3.5MHz convex probe for abdominal scanning. Perfect for small animal vets and serious breeders. The new KX5600v offers absolutely stunning image quality at an unbeatable price. Highly portable and weighing only 4.5kg,
Main unit
-6.5MHz linear rectal probe
-Power supply adaptor
-Li-battery: HYLB-1614 11.1V-4400mAh 48.84Wh
-Two probe sockets
-DICOM 3.0


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