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IV Stand – stainless steel base

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IV Stand

Functions & Specifications of an IV Stand:

a.   Stand base: stainless steel in addition with steering
b.    Height adjustment: screw lock button wheel
c.    Infusion Pole Material such as : Stainless steel/Aluminum alloy
d.    Adjustment range: varies between 1000 then 2000mm2.


a.  Infusion pump bracket bottom and bracket are together.
b.  Infusion bottle height adjusted easily. It’s flexible, convenient and also energy save
c.  Native components using high-quality materials, environmental protection, antibacterial and finally anti-aging
d.  Original boost can always adjust the height as well as the angle. based on patient height, ergonomic designprinciples, good Grip then lightweight operation
e.  Stand base with a universal self-locking wheels. it can be moved and brakes easily
f.   With special trays for different countries infusion equipment lastly.
g.  however, According to infusion pumps, syringe pumps manufacturers customized special infusion stand

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