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Haitun Dental Chair Unit

Integral dental unit is equipped with the most superior ergonomic solution taking the needs of both doctors and patients into full account which has made a perfect presentation of the dental chair’s functionality and comfort, allowing you to work in a healthy and relax state and making the treatment process become easier, which has significantly increased the comfort of both dentist and patient.

Elegantly shaped and structured upholstery enables a comfortable sitting for the patient, and its seamless fabricated surface is easy to clean by health professionals.
The chair is driven by a pair of low voltage DC electric motors, both seat and backrest position move smoothly and noiselessly.

Trolley Type can be chosen for left-hander

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Haitun Dental Chair Unit

Major Parts

1. Thermostatic water heating system. applied to cup filler and three-way syringe: 1set,
2. Spittoon flushing as well as cup filling system.

Supported by Italian solenoid valves. Water supply amount can be preset: 1set.
3. Quiet electric lift chair. supported by Denmark motors, large chair size, with adjustable pillow,
double armrests: 1set.
4. Main table integrated with LCD display control panel.

with 5-slot tool holder: 3 for handpiece tubings, 1
for a three-way syringe, 1 open for optional use: 1set.
5. Chair movement system with 3 memory positions: 1set.
6. Panoramic LED film viewer: 1set.
7. Assistant control panel with 5-slot tool holder. 2 for saliva suctions/strong&weak, 1 for three-way
syringe, 2 open for optional use: 1set.
8. Rotatable ceramic spittoon: 1set.
9. Brightness adjustable LED sensor dental light (cold light, 6-level sensor control): 1set.
10. Multifunction pedal switch (for water/air supply, chair movement etc.) : 1set.
11. Double pure water bottles, 600ml each(removable, air pressurized, switch control): 1set.
12. Outer ground box for electric, air, water, and drainage connection: 1set.
13. Small glass tray and built-in tissue box: 1set.
14. Deluxe dentist stool: 1set.
– Side box unit is ground based type, high-class inner tubing.

Technical Specification

Supply voltage: AC110V/220V 60Hz/50Hz
Motor voltage: DC24V
Air pressure: 0.5MPa – 0.8MPa
Water pressure: 0.2MPa – 0.4MPa
Handpiece Tubing: 2/4-hole optional, Fiber optic tubing with extra charge

Optional Equipment

High/low-speed air turbine handpiece 2-hole/4-hole/Fiber optic
Built-in LED curing light
Built-in ultrasonic scaler
Intra-oral camera system
Medical air compressor

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