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GRX-A series Hot-air Sterilizer

GRX-A series Hot-air Sterilizer

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GRX-A series Hot-air Sterilizer


1. Microprocessor temperature controller

2. Rapid sterilization time

3. Forced air convection

4. Auto stop when temperature over limit

5. Air inlet adjustment & timing control

Technical data

Model GRX-9013A GRX-9023A GRX-9053A GRX-9073A GRX-9123A GRX-9203A
Temperature Range RT-10~200°C/ RT-10~250°C
Display Resolution 0.1°C
Temperature  Stability ±1°C
Power Consumption 600W 850W 1100W 1550W 2050W 2450W
Electrical  Requirement 220V 50HZ
Interior  Dimension 250*260*250 340*325*320 420*395*350 400*450*450 550*450*550 600*550*600
(W×D×H, mm)
Exterior Dimension 530*480*420 620*490*490 720*590*520 740*590*630 840*570*730 880*750*800
(W×D×H, mm)
Shelves 2(PCS) 2(PCS) 2(PCS) 2(PCS) 2(PCS) 2(PCS)
Timing Range 1~9999min

Image result for Hot Air sterilizer Oven Model:GRX-9023A  Image result for Hot Air sterilizer Oven Model:GRX-9023A



Bulk 3 ply reusable x 2000 boxes
1.2m x 80m
pesticide sprayer

pesticide sprayer

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pesticide sprayer
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