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Fibre Optic Otoscope & Opthalmoscope Set

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Fibre Optic Otoscope & Ophthalmoscope Set

properties of a Fibre Optic Otoscope & Ophthalmoscope Set

  • Ottoscope:
  • Fibre Optic Light Source
  • 2,5 x magnification
  • Reusable Specula: 5V x 4.0mm
  • Insufflation Port: view tympanic membrane using an insufflator’s bult
  • Opthalmoscope:
  • 19 Lenses from 0D to ± 20D: 0D,  ± 1D ± 2D ± 3D ± 4D ± 6D ± 8D ± 10D ± 15D ± 20D
  • Aperture Wheel: red-free filter, Large spot, Small Spot, Hemispot
  • Type of Bulb – P2000 (2.5V 1.6W)
  • Operation Mode – Intermittent, on-time should not exceed 1 min with off-time not less than 5 min
  • Uses 2 x AA Alkaline Batteries

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