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Dynamic® Portable Dental Unit- DU892


  • Voltage(V):110-240 Hz:50/60
  • Parameter Power: 550W
  • Maximum pressure: 6.5 bar
  • Clean water bottle: 1 L
  • Drain bottle: 1 L
  • Air albuminous tank: 6L
  • G.W./N.W: 33/28 KG
  • Dimension: 550*420*760 mm


  • 4 hole or 2 hole handpiece tube: 2 pcs
  • 3-way syringe: 1 pc
  • Saliva ejector: 1 pc
  • Compressor head (550W): 1 set
  • On/Off Foot Switch: 1 pc
  • Water Supply: 1 set

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  • Portable: Portable box with low weight as well as rod boxes style to make doctors move it freely.
  • Fashion Design: Fashionable box design with coated with blue or grey color to make patients feel more comfortable.
  • Perfect Structure: Compact structure consistent with doctor’s habits to make them operate more easier.
  • Complete Function: The unit consists of related operation system inside the dental treatment unit, such as air system, water system, suction, and drainage.
  • Simple Operation: Using when installing the parts correctly and connect with power. And the unit controlled with foot control pad.
  • High Durability: High-quality motor with a steady performance, solid box to ensure anti-fall, service time exceeds 15,000 hours.
  • Free Maintenance: Oil free motor without any lubricating oil, drainage bottle is more convenient to remove and also disinfect.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Foreign objects attached with germina would be disposed separately to avoid infection.
  • Applications: Dental Hospital, Dental Clinics, Army and Outdoor Dental Care or Treatment Establishment.
  • Warranty: 1 year.

Portable Dental Unit

Standard Features:
4 hole or 2 hole handpiece tube——————–2 PCS
3-way syringe———————————–1 PC
Saliva ejector———————————1 PC
LED curing light————————————— 1 PC
Ultrasonic Scaler ————————————–1 PC
Compressor head (550W) —————————-1 set
On/Off Foot Switch————————————1 PC
Water Supply———————————-1 set

Handpieces ———————————–2 PCS
Fiber optic handpiece————————————-2 PCS
Mobile patient chair—————————————-1 PC
Mobile dentist stool —————————————-1 PC
Operating light—————————————1 PC

Specifications Parameter
Ower: 600W
Maximum pressure: 6.5 bar
Clean water bottle: 1 L
Drain bottle: 1 L
Air aluminous tank: 6 L
G. W. /N. W: 34/29 KG
Dimension: 550*420*760 mm

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