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Moreover, the addition of fluoride to drinking water serves a distinct purpose in promoting dental health. By preventing tooth decay, fluoride fortifies community water supplies with an essential element for oral hygiene. Aluminum sulfate, commonly known as alum, serves as a coagulant in water treatment, aiding in the removal of suspended particles through the process of flocculation. Alongside alum, activated carbon plays a vital role in purifying water by removing organic contaminants, chemicals, and unpleasant tastes and odors, thus enhancing its palatability and safety for consumption.

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In the realm of swimming pool maintenance, a different set of chemicals is employed to uphold water quality and hygiene standards. Chlorine, the primary disinfectant used in pools, ensures the eradication of bacteria, algae, and other microorganisms, safeguarding swimmers against waterborne illnesses. Bromine, an alternative to chlorine, finds its niche, particularly in indoor pools or spas, due to its stability in warm water environments. Additionally, pH adjusters such as sodium carbonate and sodium bisulfate play a pivotal role in maintaining the optimal pH balance of pool water, thereby preserving equipment integrity and swimmer comfort

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