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BF600+ Portable Fetal Doppler

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Portable fetal doppler with clearly sound 2Mhz probe LED display FHR fetal heart rate detector ultrasound doppler

  • Portable Fetal doppler monitor BF-600+ with high sensitivity can detect FHR from 12 weeks of pregnancy;
  • The sound of FHR is very loud and clear;
  • Built-in rechargeable batteries can work continuously more than 10 hours;
  • Earphone jack;
  • 2.0MHz probe
  • Specification
    Working frequency: 2.0MHz+10%
    Ultrasonic intensity: ≤ 10mW/cm2
    Power: 14.4V Ni-MH rechargeable batteries
    FHR range: 60-210bpm (+2bpm)
    Temperature: 10-40
    Net Weight/ Gross Weight: 1kg/4.5kg
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