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Anaesthesia unit NDY-2B (Basic Model)

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Anaesthesia unit NDY-2B (Basic Model)


Anaesthesia unit NDY-2B (Basic Model)

Pneumatically driven manual controlled system
With 1 patient circuit for adult.
2-tube flowmeters, O2 & N2O;0.1 L/Min ~ 10 L/Min;
O2 and N2O linkage Device to keep O2 concentration ≥25%.
Alarm when O2 pressure is too low.
One vaporizer, Enflurane/Isoflurane/Sevoflurane; (Option: Halothane)
CO2 absorber capacity: 0.8 kg
Oxygen Flush: 25~75 L/Min;
Respiration Mode: Manual

NDY-2B Anesthesia Unit (Basic Model)

400mm x 30m
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